Depending on your briefing and company size, we offer a variety of packages that can include any of these modules:

On The Clock Billing

  • Perfect for smaller research- or consulting services
  • Employ us flexibly as a growth-stage company


Capped Profit-Sharing

  • Best for close collaborations on a project, product or portfolio
  • Great solution for smaller studios and start-ups: You pay us after your product was successful, not before!


Per Participant

  • Our workshops or courses are billed based on the number of participants
  • Per request, we will find individual solutions that suit you and your company


Our prices are linked to the success of our services. If our services haven’t produced desired effects, or fail to contribute to your success, we will drastically lower our prices. Our policy: We win only if you win!


Demo Session

Free initial solution approaches: Let us convince you!

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Contact Us

We are eager to learn more about you and your goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs – non-binding of course! You can reach us via e-mail, our contact form or by simply giving us a call.


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